B.C.: Auburn, CA. A small town known for Ikeda’s burgers. I’ve never had one, which blows people’s minds.

Favorite childhood toy?

B.C.: Star Wars and GI Joe action figures. Plus a red Sharpie for realistic battle wounds. More than once Han Solo found himself frozen in a glass of water in our freezer, too.

Where’d you go to school?

B.C.: University of Nevada, Reno.

Kids? Pets?

B.C.: Kids: My parents wish. Dogs: A smiling Dalmatian named Oscar who thinks he is our child.

Why’d you get into this business?

B.C.: Since I was young, I’ve loved writing, creating stories and solving creative problems. In fact, as my mom will tell you while shaking her head, I spent my childhood plaguing the world with jingles I invented for various products. Ironically, I now detest jingles—unless they are jingles making fun of being jingles. The real reason I ended up in this business, though, is that a Journalism/Advertising degree seemed like the quickest way out of school.

Favorite place on Earth

B.C.: Anywhere in the Sierras.

If the Internet went down for a week, what would you do?

B.C.: Uhhh … feel joyous despair?

If you could make an App that did whatever you wanted, what would that be?

B.C.: Teleportation App. Also known as the BeemMeUpScotty App. Perfect for avoiding the grumpy old guy who frisks you at airport security.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in this business?

B.C.: Wondering what this business was like.

What's your favorite quote of all time?

“Flava Flav!”
--Flava Flav

What’s your Porn Name (Name of your first pet combined with the street you grew up on.)?

B.C.: Blackie Reemer. Yeah, seriously.

A few random thoughts related to this business?

I love it.
I hate it.
I LOVE it.

Something people probably don’t know about you.

B.C.: My last name should actually be Skaggs. Whew.

A third person account of any professional stuff you would never bring up to someone at a party, because you’d look like a narcissistic tool, but you have to put here because the people reading this want to know. AKA, a real bio:

B.C. is a rare blend of strategic smarts and creative whimsy. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno’s School of Journalism (with a focus on advertising), B.C. actually began his career with The Glenn Group as a fresh-faced copywriting intern. After more than a decade working in and heading up our creative department, B.C. now helps guide not only our creative product but the overall vision of the agency, leading the continued integration of our many disciplines, keeping us one step ahead when it comes to marketing innovations and bringing a creative perspective and energy to everything we do. Over the years, B.C. has directed and collaborated on a long list of effective, award-winning campaigns and initiatives for accounts such as The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, The Mob Museum, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, THEhotel, Seminole Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tahoe Stand Up Paddleboards, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, the Food Banks of Nevada, The National Championship Air Races, Renown Medical Center, EMPLOYERS Insurance, the Nevada Commission on Tourism and many more. B.C. sits on the board of Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada, was the recipient of the 40 Under 40 Award in 2011 from In Business Las Vegas, and is a member of Leadership LV 2012 and YPO International.