This is our whammy jammy keyword-infused agency description, which clearly we would never use to describe ourselves at a cocktail party, or in an elevator on the way to a cocktail party, but will use in this instance to garner amazing search results and portray an air of super duper digital sophistication. The Glenn Group is a Nevada based advertising, interactive and public relations agency. We could also be referred to as a Las Vegas digital agency or a Reno digital agency that specializes in website and mobile app development and social media marketing. Or you could call us a Reno public relations agency. Or you could call us a Nevada marketing agency. Or a Las Vegas public relations agency. Some have described us as an integrated marketing agency located in Las Vegas and Reno. Some people keep it simple and just say we're a Las Vegas ad agency or a Reno ad agency. Some say advertising agency Nevada or advertising agency Reno OR advertising agency Las Vegas, which is weird, but they say it. Some mention social media Reno or social media Las Vegas. For those wearing fancy pants, we are a marketing communications firm. For those who care about things like this, we're referred to as an award winning Nevada agency. For those around here feeling a little big for their britches, we're the top ad agency in Nevada. For those drinking the Koolaid we put in the water cooler, we're the best advertising agency in the world. For those with Tourette's, we're a brand strategy polar bear digital marketing stun gun direct marketing bubbles online marketing cashews traditional marketing yummy social media experts ninja guru cutting edge creative praying mantis interactive digital POW! public relations zippity do da day integrated marketing agency YOUZER! Or something. Cheers.