Monday December 9, 2013


Printed Card Sets

$100 donation

There are only 5 sets of each of the five categories available, so hurry!! Available to purchase Monday, Dec. 9, 9 am – 4 pm (or until they’re gone)

So you want to send a few beautiful, creative, funny, snarky or maybe even kinda gross cards to friends and/or family? This year we’re selling sets of cards, too! You won’t have the originals (you can bid on those here) but you’ll get a set of holiday cards unlike any you’ve ever seen. And, I think we said this before ALL PROCEEDS GO TO FEED HUNGRY PEOPLE IN NEVADA!

You can choose one of the following five sets (five cards + envelopes included in each set):

Zombie Set

Nevada Themed Set

Ugly Christmas Sweater Set

Dogs Set

Rated R


I Just Want to Help Out

$10, or anything you can spare

Donation Amount

So you’re one of those selfless people that just wants to help out a good cause, which if you don’t know is feeding hungry people in Nevada. You can make a donation, but we’re not going to let you be totally selfless. No, we’re going to give you a special gift. We won’t give you a hint, either. But it will be nice. Thank you for your donation.