And the Winner of #1DollarOfficeSpace Is ...

11 Oct

For those of you who don’t know, in August we launched a program called #1DollarOfficeSpace.

As part of our belief in and passion for pioneering companies, and our mission to increase enterprise and imagination in Nevada, we offered office space, in our downtown Las Vegas office, to one lucky tech startup for $1 a month for 12 months. As part of the application process, we asked startups to submit a 15-second Instagram video that told us, and our expert panel of judges, about their company and why they’d be a good fit.

Well, after a thoughtful evaluation process, our $1DollarOfficeSpace winner(s) has(have) finally been chosen. Yes, winners (plural). We called an audible and decided to move two startups into our space in Holsum Lofts in downtown Las Vegas—Record Setter and Computers For A Cause.

Record Setter is the “new home of world records,” a website that allows users to create their own world records. Records can be submitted by anyone, because “everyone can be the world’s best at something,” as long as they’re quantifiable, breakable and include sufficient media evidence. Their hilarious team of yellow-jacket-donning officials verify these records on the site and at events.

Computers For A Cause is a nonprofit, currently based in Los Angeles, committed to transforming unwanted or inoperative computers and electronics into operational, educational tools for the millions in need. They believe there is untapped talent in people who just need the opportunity and tools to learn and innovate in a digital age.

Both are amazing for different reasons, and we literally couldn't choose just one. Honestly, if we had room for more, we would have offered more $1 space.

The quality of the submissions we received and the caliber of ideas behind the companies blew our panel of judges away. And the brilliant, enterprising, genuine people we met during the interview process not only made it hard for us to choose a winner, it made it hard to deny how exciting the potential for growth is in Nevada’s tech sector.

Huge thanks to the following companies for the thought and effort put into their submissions and interviews:

SirtuneLV, Isis, Collective Zoo, Render Ready, Catch5 Media, Drinkboard, Telesis Academy of Dance, Sharetown, ElectroVentures, VX Gateway, Dottie Mag, OMG Jackpot, Non-Profit Tech Angels and, of course, our winners, Record Setter and Computers For A Cause.

The decision came down to a combination of things. We looked at the effort and messaging put into the video application. We looked at the potential of the companies to grow over the long-term, which in turn helps the Las Vegas community. We looked at the business synergies between the companies and The Glenn Group—how can we help them and how can they help us? And finally, we took personality and cultural “fit” into account.

Ultimately, a mashup of the two startups we picked really reflect our personality as a company. One, Record Setter, represents endless imagination, social connectivity and creative competition, and the other, Computers For A Cause, represents a desire to sincerely and passionately better our community, which we are dedicated to as a company statewide and was one of the original goals of #1DollarOfficeSpace.

Another goal was to create a collective environment in our office, where ideas get stacked on top of ideas, creative energy feeds creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit lifts entrepreneurial spirit. Well, we are completely fired up about bringing them both onboard to add to our growing collective environment.

(And growing it is. During our search for a $1 company to share our space, we actually ended up with two awesome new tenants, Social Office Suite, a social media platform designed to effectively manage brands in real-time, and Drinkboard, a drink gifting app for bars and restaurants across the country that just recently launched. )

Other than the chance for daily collaboration, why are we excited about having Record Setter and Computers For A Cause move in?

Record Setter really feels like it embodies the historic as well as the evolving quirky personality of downtown Las Vegas. That fit seems spot on. And their vision to become the modern version of the Guinness Book of World Records—an accessible, creative everyman’s version—is something we believe can become very successful. Not to mention, it brings an imaginative tool under our roof that we can use to create fun events and integrated programs for the brands we work with.

Computers For A Cause presents an amazing opportunity for our community. We are helping these guys bring a proven and successful model they have established in Los Angeles to Las Vegas. And when you speak with James and Gabe you sense their passion and believe in their mission. They genuinely believe giving people computers, who ordinarily would not be able to afford one, can enlighten minds, change lives and revolutionize communities. We believe that, too. That’s why they won.

Keep your eyes open for a collaborative event between our three companies to launch this collective and promising relationship. Can you say world record?

It’s been a whimsical, educational and flat-out amazing experience for us at The Glenn Group. The next year is going to be fun.

Again, a big thanks to our judges: Adam Kramer (Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and, John Charles Rodriguez (Stage 2), Andrew Kippen (Boxee), Zach Ware (The Downtown Project), Jason Karsh (Organized Karma), Steve Slovick (Investor), Rikki Cheese (Channel 13), Sarah Lacy (PandoDaily), Tom R. Skancke (LV Global Economic Alliance), Chris R. Giunchigliani (Commissioner), Nic Steele (Obsidian).

October 11, 2013


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